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Home Improvement Projects to Make your Home Safer

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in order to help make your home safer and more efficient it may be important to do some home improvement projects and get a hot water heater

Unfortunately, some of the very best home improvement plans tend to be expensive. It is little consolation to realize that most people are in the same situation as you, we know. So what you may need to do is a little out of the box thinking, and you may be surprised. We want you to think smaller, and when you do that then a whole new world opens up. At the heart of the matter is becoming better informed so you realize just what is possible.

One way to help you save money is by addressing heat loss through your hot water system. With hot water, obviously you want to minimize heat loss as much as possible. For one thing, adjust your hot water temperature regulator so it is not so hot. Buy some effective insulator and use that on your tankless  hot water heater to help it retain heat. You can find all kinds of insulation that come with different levels of thermal protection. If you do not have a dehumidifier setup in your basement, then definitely think about getting one. First, this device will obviously help to keep your basement dry. The one thing you want to avoid is creating conditions that encourage the growth of mold. It can be very annoying when you get condensation during the hot, hazy and humid times of the year. A dry environment is always best for preserving things, so that can apply to those with basements that are finished.

Installing water heater plumbing made simple:


Most homeowners have a wish list of home improvements they would like to perform, but they are usually prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, we must be realistic. Most homeowners have to settle for doing projects that are considered decorating instead of remodeling. It’s relatively simple to improve the looks of a room by making decorative changes. There’s not a lot you can do in a bathroom, but you can change the faucets and maybe put lights around the mirror. One easy area that can make a significant difference on how a room looks is the windows. Take a close look at how you are covering your windows and see if you can make improvements. An easy and quick way to freshen up the looks of a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint with, perhaps, a contrasting color of trim.

One of the deciding factors with many home improvement jobs is whether or not you are able to do it alone. Just be patient about the whole thing should you find yourself needing to hire an expert. Maybe the best approach is to ask around with those whom you do know, and then go from there.


Backing up Computer Files from your Sit-Stand Desk

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working away on your files means also backing them up regularly while you work at your sit-stand desk

We spend much of our lives working away at our computers whether it is for school or work or a combination of both. Using a sit-stand desk is the best option to make this part of our lives a little healthier. We all know the dangers of sitting, so it is important to make sure we are working at standing desks at our stations.

Since we spend so much time working on our computer, it is imperative to use methods to keep the files backed up on our computers. Take all of your information that is important and place it in different locations. Even though you have never had a hacker or your computer crash, it is always a possibility, where you will lose some important information. You will never be able to prevent bad things from happening, but at least you can protect vital files with a proper backup solution.

CD-RW or DVD-RW disks that you can buy rather inexpensively, can be used for backing up your data, and it is one of the simplest solutions. These can be purchased for about a dollar a piece, and you can simply insert them into your computer’s DVD drive and copy your files onto them. The amount of storage capacity that you need gives disks a big disadvantage if you are comparing them to an external hard drive. So they are appropriate if you only have a small amount of data to store. You will need a solution that has plenty of storage space, if you are storing videos, music or photos. Until you find the right storage, they can be one of the options you use.

Another solution is to use flash drives, which plug into your computer for uploading data, making them a small storage device. They can’t hold as much data as an external hard drive, but they are based on the same principle, while being considerably smaller. They do not cost much and are very convenient to use.

If you have a huge amount of data, they aren’t going to do you much good. Whether they are sufficient for you will be determined by the amount of information you have and whether it is too much for the storage capacity of the flash drive. Since they are so small, they are easily lost or stolen, which can be a disadvantage. As part of an overall data storage strategy, you have to combine and Online Backup System and the external hard drives.

One company, Clonezilla, has a free tool that lets you back up your complete hard drive onto a DVD, CD, or other media. This way, you’ll always have a complete copy of your entire operating system and its contents should anything go wrong, allowing you to reinstall it on your computer once it’s repaired, or on a new computer. Clonezilla also offers two other choices – in addition to their free tool – when more advanced options are necessary. If you like keeping your backups on an external device, DVD, flash drive, or CD, then consider Clonezilla Live, which offers you this type of backup solution. The other option is Clonezilla SE, which can clone a large number of computers on a network at once. If you’re interested in learning more about Clonezilla, you can visit their website, where you can find instructions on how to use their free tools.

Here is a video tutorial on backing up your files:

This article has given you a glimpse at just a small sampling of the many backup solutions you can choose from. Everyone should be able to have a competent backup system in place today. There are many options, and a lot of them are free. Whether you decide on a simple free system or a full-featured online subscription system, the main thing is to protect the data you consider sensitive and essential.


Profitable Metal Recycling

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Whether or not being environmentally friendly is going to cost men and women money or save them money is a question that I get often. When you think about it you’re going to discover that there are green living strategies that are able to save cash, while other green living strategies can cost cash to get started. In this article I am about to try and explain to you exactly what we mean by this.

The initial thing we want to cover is how you can actually save cash by living green while not having to spend cash. I’m sure you already understand that many products have components which can be recycled for other uses. And in order to make money doing something like this you will find the best choice will be in recycling metals. Scrap yards around the United States are paying top dollar nowadays for Iron and Copper Recycling. So this means before you throw anything away you could just remove these types of parts and begin different scrap piles to bring to scrap yards once to have enough to make it worthwhile. As soon as your piles are big enough you’ll be able to bring them to scrap yards and trade these different metals for cash.

This video will help provide some tips as to how to organize your metals before recycling:

Something which may end up costing you a lot of cash to get started with is upgrading all the appliances in your house. For those of you who still have the older appliances in your home you understand just how much energy they are able to consume each month. These older appliances can consume considerably more heating fuel, water and also electricity than the new products that are out on the market today. You need to understand that newer appliances are able to save you electricity, however a new washing machine may wind up helping you save heating fuel along with conserving water. You will also find that a new furnace for your house can be much more efficient than the old furnace you have in your house now. This obviously will wind up saving you cash on your heating bill, whether you use oil, propane or electric heat.

going green through recycling scrap metals and bottles helps the environment

Most homes nowadays have recyclable bins and most people wind up throwing their cans and bottles right into them rather than returning them to the grocery store. Needless to say by throwing these items in the recyclable bin you’re throwing away money that you have coming back to you. Plus there are companies, such as a scrap metal recycling company, that will buy and sell a lot of these recyclable materials. I don’t think that there’s one state that does not require a deposit on cans and bottles, when you returned them to the store you receive 5 to 10 back on each item. I happen to be one of the folks who take their bottles and cans back to the grocery store each month and I wind up and getting back about $20.00. Although this may not be a huge amount of money it’s extra money that I wouldn’t normally have had if I just gave these things to my garbage company.